What would happen if Sting was in a chatroom with the NWO?

Sting comes down from the rafters.

Sting points the sting bat and says to The new WolfPack NWO.


Sting says you got no gutts and you. Your a Dead Man!

Sting: "You HollyWood Hogan."

Sting says your really think your ready for Sting. You really think your ready for The Sorpion Death Lock. You really think your ready for a Fatal Encounter.

Sting point the bat []xxxxxx((S((T((I((N((G(()

Sting Scorpion Death Drops the room.

Sting Crotch chops the NWO

Sting: "Take that Nash."

Sting goes for a reverse DDT on Big Sexy Kevin Nash.

Sting put on the Scorpion Death Lock on you!

Sting: "Nash"

Sting gives Lex Luger a pack of crayola crayons. Now!, Sit!, Color!, and keep out ta trouble or I'lll deal with you myself Luger.

Sting ~> aims a rubberband at Hogan ~ ~ ~ fires... = = =Snap! === right on taget (*_L_) Gotcha! Hogan!

Sting~> Grab Big Papa Pump's pants and pulls them... WAAAY up and wraps them around Big Papa Pump's head... Then uses Big Papa Pump for a punch bag. Smack!, Smack!,... That'll teach you Big Papa Pump.

Sting ~> lanches chocolate cream pies at Nash ~D Spat! ~D spat1 ~D Spat! ~D spat! Direct hit!... neener, neener, neener. Gotcha Nash!

Sting points the Sting bat at the NWO and says...


Sting: "Until next time NWO."

Sting says you got no gutts and you. Your a Dead Man!

Sting the real champ is leaving, but will be back later.

Sting has left the room.

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