Following Her Dream Chapter 2


A coupe of weeks pass as Tammy finally graduated from WCW's Power Plant, and was well an her way to become the newest superstar of WCW. She wasn't sure how to make an appearance. Even the bookers came up with different angles/storylines, but none of them Tammy liked for her character. Until after she learn that her favorite wrestler was now Heel/a bad guy, and had formed a stable with his close friend Lex Luger, Miss Elizabeth, and Buff Bagwell. They had formed "Team Package", lead by Package/Luger, and broke most of the rules.

This made Tammy think about her character more, and came up with her own angle/storyline.It was Monday night Nitro in Tammy's hometown Philadelphia, Chuck's first Main Event match in awhile, and not to mention a perfect time to show Tammy's character to WCW The bookers decided they want Chuck's appearancechange, and had him team up with another Power Plant graduate Sean O'Hare. The match was made cause Luger & Buff was after the tag team belts, and they had to go them Palumbo & O'Hare to get to the belts.

So the Main Event was made Chuck Palumbo v.s Buff Bagwell. The match was intense Chuck had control of the match in the first 10 minutes. Then Buff, was got control the last 10 minutes left in the match, even though he cheated most of the time, and was of course posing. Until Chuck decided to regain the last 5 minutes left in the match. Just as Chuck was going for his finishing move "The Jungle Kick" on Buff, Buff moved and Chuck accidentally hit the ref. Causing him to go down, and for one Lex Luger to come out and help Buff double team on Chuck. A few minutes pass when the ref decided to regain his own sense back and called for the bell when he seen the doubt them on Chuck. Just as that happen Chuck's tag team partner/friend Sean O'Haire came to his aid, but was then followed by Sting with his black bat. then Chuck.

The fans booed as Sting enter the ring and attacked Sean with the bat for awhile then Chuck. Then Buff, and Luger joined in on the action. All three attacked Palumbo & O'Hare, before the lights went completely out, and silence fill the Arena.

A few minutes pass as Sting's old theme came over the speakers, and a spotlight appeared at the entrance way. This made "Team Package" come to a halt, and facing the entrance way A dark figure appeared with it's own black bat, it wore black, a Sting mask/w a black wig, and wore one of Sting's black t-shirts/w a Scorpion on the front. The figure just stood silently and pointing the bat toward towards the ring, and at Sting, who was both scared and shocked. Sting challenge the figure to came into the ring as Nitro went off the air.

To Be Continue..............

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