Following Her Dream Chapter 1

Tammy was a first time female/woman's wrestler, well that was her dream anyway. While growing up, she was a wrestling fan, and didn't reaaly have a favorite wrestler at the time. Cause at that time she was attending college, and rarely ever anymore watched wrestling, but did catch bits & pieces. of it when she could. She remember one Steve Borden aka Sting with the blond Flat top hair, tights, and matching face paint.

After graduating collage, she decided to follow her dream, and become a female pro wrestler. She didn't/t really pick up a name until the time Sting went black & white, and hide up in the rafters. The time of the nWo started appearing, and began their "take over" of WCW. Tammy at that same time became one of Sting's "followers", and took on an nickname, since she was both a Sting fan and training to become a woman's wrestler

Few months passed as Tammy got better and better in training, even though she would have to wrestle both male and female wrestlers, and that didn't bother her. She had her share of challengers, including one Chuck Palumbo. A fresh young guy with long curly hair, well build, and wore jungle style trucks. Tammy couldn't get over how much this guy reminds her of one Jimmy "Super fly" Snuka or even "George of the Jungle". They had their share of "training" matches, and slowly became friends.

Back at the locker room area Tammy was getting her stuff out of the locker after her training matches with a few guys, and girls. When Chuck approach her.

"Hey Tammy you really did great out there today." Chuck says as he approached her with a smile.

"Hey Chuck, thanks you did pretty good yourself." Tammy relpies with a smile also.Silence came between them.

"Hey Chuck you mine if I tell you something?" Tammy says while packing her bag.

"No go right ahead." Chuck say giving a pleasent smile.

"Did anyone tell you, that you look like Jimmy "The Super fly" Snuka with them trunks on and that hair?" Tammy asks.

"Yes they have, but rarely." Chuck answers her.

"Well....anyone tell you, that you look like Brendan Fraser of "George of the Jungle?" Tammy ask as she couldn't wait to see his reply.

Chuck starts laughing abit.

"Did I say something wrong?" Ask Tammy in a disappointing

"No, no it's just that's the first someone said that to me." Chuck answers as he laughs abit again.

"I'm sorry." Tammy says with a sad tone in her voice.

"No don't be, I like it, it's difference." Chuck replies as he smiles at Tammy.

"So you think you'll make it big in WCW?" asks Tammy as she finishing packing her gym bag.

"I sure hope so, you think you'll make with that character of yours?" asks Chuck.

"I believe so, why was wrong with my character?" Tammy asks with a shocked tone in her voice.

"Nothing, just I don't see female wrestlers taking after their favorite male wrestlers." says Chuck with a disbelieve in his voice.

"'ll be the first, and see how it goes."

Silence comes between them again.

"Well I better get going, I'l see you Tammy." Chuck says as he about to leave.

"Ok, see you later Jungle Boy." Tammy replies as she sees Chuck shaking his head abit as he laughs and heads towards the door.

Tammy & Chuck became closer friends pass the first couple of months in training.

Then the day came as Chuck graduated a month or 2 before Tammy would. Chuck first match was with Big Papa Pump on Thursday night Thunder, and sadly lose. At his hotel room Chuck's phone rings.

"Hello?......Hey Tammy how is everything?" Chuck says after picking up the phone.

"Hi Chucky, I'm sorry to hear you lose against Steiner." Tammy replied threw the phone.

"It's ok, I wasn't accepting to." Chuck replies

"Yeah, but they shouldn't of let you wrestle a guy half you size on your first TV appreance." Tammy says with a concern in her voice threw the phone.

"I know, but you know how the bookers are in WCW" Chuck replies again.

"Yeah, but still. You at least deserve a better match."

"True, maybe next time. Hey aren't you almost done with your training?" Chuck asks.

"Yeah in a week or two, hope I don't get a match like you did."

"I hope not either, any plans on how your going to make your appearance?"

"No, I'll see what happens before then. Hopefully I'll get to meet Steve."

"He's a pretty cool guy, talk to him a few times. You know he's very different guy without all that face paint."

"Yes, his very different." Tammy replies while give out a sigh threw the phone.

"Well Tammy it's nice hearing you again, I hate to do this, but I have to go to bed and get ready for another trip on the road tomorrow."

"No problem Chuck, I have to get going myself. I'll chat with you later. Nite Chuck, sweet dreams." Tammy says as she is about to go home.

"Sweet dreams Tammy." Chuck replies wondering why she hasn't called him Jungle Boy as he hangs up the phone, and got read for bed.

To be continue............

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