Article #2
Who's Hot?
Who's not?

96* Hot, Sting

Sting- He's back! Female fans cannot get enough of the Stinger!! Whether he's is in white face paint, red face paint or just in sunglasses and a smile, Sting has captured the hearts of millions of diehard fans around the world. The number of e-mails and letters that come to our office extolling the virtues of Sting is overwhelming. Sting represents a true hero to the female fans, a guy who continues to stand of what is right, one who continually takes punishment but always rebonds, and one always has an air of mystery surrounding him.

As Lizs G. of Salt Lake City, UT wrote."Sting is so hot because he leaves so much to th imagination. And thoses eyes! He can communicate his feeling just throught a certain look in his eye. He gets my vote for "Hot 4-Life!" He also gets a steamy 96 degrees.

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