My    reason    why    I'm    a    Sting    fan.

I've been a Sting fan since 1996 when he done The Crow image. When he won the World Title Belt at Starcade 1997 from Hollywood Hogan.

Then lost it at Spring Stampede the next year, but when he join The Old WolfPack, I don't think he made the right decision. I like the attitude some, but he went over the ego line. He had The old Surfer Sting attitude with a bad Crow image. I loved The Surfer Sting attitude, but not that bleached hair he had.

Then he decide to go Heel and backstabbed Hogan to team up with his best budy Luger (neve loved the ideal). Until Luger decided sooner or later backstabbed, and made him turn back to our good old "Crow" Sting.

Then he had his fued with Vampio, and was put a blazed, came back and really showed Vampy off. Then had his short fued with first Jarret aka "Slappy", and then Steiner aka "Steriods". Then had disappeared since then, and is needed back soon.

The other reason I love Sting is that he's a great wrestler, and he has a caring, kind , good hearted person. Plus his sometimes goof attitude.

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