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Sting's Bio


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Sting's Bio


Height: 6'2"
Weight: 252 lbs.
Hometown: Venice Beach, California
Pro Debut: 1985
Signature Maneuver: Scorpion Death Lock
AKA: Steve Borden, Blade Runner Flash, Blade Runner Sting
Birthday: March 20, 1951

Casting a dark aura of mystery with intimidating tactics, dramatic entrances and unpredictable alliances, Sting has kept fans and opponents off-balance. Considered by many to be the "franchise" of WCW, he is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. Although at times Sting has been a mystery, the immense enthusiasm of his fans is no secret.

Career History
Shouting his trademark "Ooooooow!," Sting began his career with multi-colored face paint, bright ring attire and blond, short-cropped hair... Defeated Ric Flair for his first world title... Has since won seven world heavyweight championships, along with two WCW U.S. straps and two tag team belts... Captured numerous "Wrestler of the Year" honors and the European Cup Championship... Has been betrayed throughout his career by the Road Warriors, Ric Flair, Four Horsemen, Macho Man Randy Savage, Bret Hart, nWo and WCW... Transformed into his dark alter-ego after WCW wrongly accused him... Did not wrestle or speak on television for more than a year... Shocked crowds and adversaries with stunning entrances from within arenas... Wields a mean baseball bat when needed... After being wronged by so many for so long, Sting now takes matters into his own hands... A feud with Vampiro left him charred after losing a Human Inferno Match... Recovered from his burns, Sting continues to feud with Vampiro, the man who scarred him... Battled Jeff Jarrett during fall of 2000... Scott Steiner badly injured him during WCW's fall tour of England... Currently recovering from injuries Big Poppa Pump inflicted.

Wrestling Style
Explosive power, tremendous experience and punishing attacks rank him among wrestling's elite... Bites with the Scorpion Death Lock or the Stinger Splash... Entrance music is "Seek and Destroy" by Metallica.

Did You Know?
Before slamming opponents in the ring, Sting dunked basketballs in the collegiate ranks, as well as smacked volleyballs and surfed on the California coast... The wrestler, not the singer, owns the copyright to the name "Sting"... Has appeared in concert with his rock namesake... Native of Venice Beach... Enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, off-road jeeps and golf... Favorite card game is Beale Street... Has a feature role in the TNT original movie "ShutterSpeed" with co-star Daisy Fuentes... Past screen appearances have included the independent film "The Real Reason" and in Hulk Hogan's television series "Thunder in Paradise"... Been a guest on "Politically Incorrect"... Stars as himself in the Warner Bros. movie "Ready To Rumble"... A biography of his colorful career, "Sting: Unmasked," spent time at No. 1 on the recreational sports video list... Admires actors Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro and Edward Norton... Craves cookies and milk, peanut butter and Double-Whoppers when straying off his strict high protein diet... Most fulfilling activity is working with the Make-A-Wish and Starlight Foundations, which grant wishes to critically ill children