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About me being a Sting fan

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I've been a Sting fan since 1996 when he done the Crow image. When he won the World belt at Starcade the same year (my favorite PPV). Then lost the belt at Spring Stmpede the next year, but when he joing the Wolfpack. I didn't think he made the right decision. I liked the attituded, but not the colors.

Now he had come back with his Crow image, after a couple of months off. But with a new twist in his attided.After a couples of months he turn Heel. I don't really love the ideal, but from what I have heard that he'll be Face once again.

Now matter what colors or rather he's Face or Heel. He still a favorite of mine, and like other fans of his. I'll stand behide him, because I know that the person behind the face paint will always be the same, caring, and good hearted person that we learn to love.