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Following Her Dream Chapter 3


After the pass couple of weeks Team Package was still attacking people from behind, and now have a new member Big Papa Pump/w Midjah. WCW had no one since Sting turned his back on his fans, they didn't have no one. But they were being followed by the dark figure, still dressing up as Sting and specially following Sting. Who after a few weeks use getting fed up with it, and call the dark figure out. It was one Wednesday Thunder, and in Huston TX, perfect time to reveal this mysterious figure.

Sting's "Seek & Destroy" music plays as Luger & Sting came out, with bat in hand, and his best buddy beside him. The fans started booing them, and they just ignore them as they made their way down towards the ring. They enter the ring and Sting quickly pulled out a mic from his coat pocket. Gave a disgusting look as he start speaking, with Luger smiling in the background.

"You know I get tired of coming out hear, hearing you people booing all the time." Sting said again with a disgusting tone in his voice as the fans start booing him again.

"This isn't the main reason I came out here.....Now there's this one individually, who I'm getting tired of. That dark figure that keeps following Team Package & me around. I'm calling you out, you come out here, and show yourself. Not unless you haven't got the balls to?" Sting said as he he waited for a replied, and then........

The lights went completely out and silence fill arena, now more then few minutes pass as a dim stoplight come on shining in the rafters, and there stood the dark figure with Sting shirt, mask, wig, and all. Silence came between the dark figure & sting, until the silence was broken when the Sting upsettingly speaker in the mic.

" yourself, not unless you haven't got the balls to." Sting said threw the mic as he was waiting to see who this person was.

"Well Sting, your right I haven't got the balls." said The dark figure with a low and deep voice as he seen Sting smiling proudly. Then slowly started to remove the wig, and mask. Revealing one 5 foot, and 150lbs, a bit build female with black & white face paint on and long brown hair. Sting was not only shocked, but beside himself at what he had seen.

"What the.....who the hell are you?" Sting asked as Luger and him looked batfowl.

"I am or once was one of your followers, one your fans who you turn your back on. I am.......Stingette."

"Stingette? *laughing* You've got to be kidding." Said Sting as Luger & him couldn't stop laughing.

"Does it look like I'm kidding? You've always been my favorite wrestler, but look at you now. You at what you've turn into, a no good cheater, and a member of a no good stable."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you lady, but I got tried of being babyface, always helping others. When I in return get screwed pretty bad."

"By other wrestlers not your fans, and your true friends."

"What the hell that's pose to mean?"

"You'll see when the time comes, I'm just going to give you a little warning. See that "buddy" you got there besides you? Well if I was you, I would watch my back."

"What........?" ask Sting as he looked questionable at Luger. Just then the lights went completely out, and by the time the lights came back on she was was gone. Leaving Sting & Luger looking questionable at eachother.

Another few weeks passed as Team Package was still running amuck of WCW. Team Package did have a few disagreements, but they did tend to stay together. As for one female Wrestler name Stingette aka Sting Woman she still followed them and Sting mainly. She started to become a crowd pleaser, cause the fact that she was there trying to help WCW and the other wrestlers who was against Team Package. Her warning to Sting didn't come threw til one Monday night Nitro in Atlanta Ga.

The Main Event was Sting v.s DDP for number on contender for the World Title belt. Sting came out to his "Seek & Destroy" theme, and to a booing crowd. As DDP came out with his theme music and a cheering crowd. The match started off with the two of them face to face, with unpleasant words between them. Sting was about to give Page a cheap cut, but page blocks it and the ref calls for the bell. Page gets control of the match for the first 10 minutes til Sting got Page on the outside and threw into the guard rail, and then to the steel steps. When he got Page back into the ring they fought back & fourth. Page regain his strength back when Sting missed his Stinger Splash and hit all 3 turnbuckles. Then just as Page was going for his Diamond Cutter on Sting, Sting kicked the ref, and made him go down. Plus not to mention for one Lex Luger to make his way to the ring with a black bat in hand. Just as Page was getting his share of pouches on Sting, Luger quickly enter, and attacked Page. Then Sting helped on the double team on Page, Luger told him to put the Scorpion Deathlock on Page, and Sting gladly accepts. Just as Sting was going for his Scorpion Deathlock on Page, Luger then whacks Sting in the back of the head, and causing him to going down on the mat. Luger then continue his assault on Sting, just as Page gets up and started attacking Luger. Cause the rest of Team Package to come out and double team both on Page and then Sting.

The lights suddenly goes out, and Sting's old theme music plays. Now more a few minutes later the lights come back on, and one figure appears Stingette. As Luger's about to whack Sting with the bat again, she quickly grabs it off of Luger and points the bat at him. He slowly backs up, and starts to beg. Buff from behind her tries to a forearm to the back of the head, misses and gets hit by the bat. Stingette grabs a hold of Midjah and Deathdrops her, causes one upsetting Big Papa Pump to tries to attack her but instead gets and foot to the groin. After clearing the ring Stingette tends to Sting who is still was abit unconscious and helps him backstage.

To Be Continue........................

More to come