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I'm 27 year's old and been watching wrestling in the late 80's and earily 90's. My whole family watch it while I was growing up, but just rember seeing it in the 80's & 90's At that time it was mostly WWF. I became a WCW fan in the early 90's, when Hogan, Nash, hall, Macho, and them started showing up their. That's also when WWF had started to change so much, and I watched more of WCW and bits of WWF. Even thought now we're stuck with WWF, I still one of my favorite there Palumbo. Not saying that I don't like other WWF wrestlers there, I'm liking a few, bu still loving Palumbo, since Sting isn't there.

I'v decided to changed and come up with two websites; each for both Sting and Chuck Palumbo. So bear with me on the changes.