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Off The Mat: Chuck Palumbo, The Headbanger?

Palumbo is a former college basketball player. He was a junior college All-American who then played at Central Missouri State.

Question: Will former Indiana University coach Bobby Knight ever coach again? If so, where? Answer: "Definitely, in the NBA."

Q: Who will win the 2001 NCAA Basketball Tournament? A: "I wish Providence would win, but I don't think they will. I really have no favorite team this year."

Famous Friends: Tom Glavine, Atlanta Braves pitcher; Fred Coury, drummer for the band Cinderella. "[Cinderella is] in a Nashville studio now recording a new album," Palumbo reported.

Famous Childhood Friend: Palumbo grew up playing basketball on the streets of Providence, RI, against Ernie deGregorio, one of the all-time best college guards; deGregorio also had a brief stint in the NBA.

Superstitions: "No, but I believe in Karma. I also believe, what goes around comes around."

Q: Are you a good joke teller? A: "No, terrible. I can make people laugh, though, but not by telling jokes."

Favorite cheat-food: "Any type of homemade Italian food."

It's a Fact... "As soon as I get back home from a road trip I ride my Harley-Davidson motorcycle for a couple of hours. It's a natural stress reliever."

It's Also a Fact... Palumbo spoke to students at Lewis Middle School in San Diego on March 2. He addressed the importance of staying in school and avoiding drugs and alcohol. He spoke to three classes for about 30 minutes apiece. He ended the talks with a Question and Answer session.

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