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A Man Called Sting

There was this story about this man, who dresses in black and carries a black bat for protection. He can be seen only when a person is in need of help, he wears along black trench coat, a pair or tight black pants, a pair of black boots, gloves, a black t-shirt with a big white scorpion on the front, and carries the bat. His whole face is covered with a white face paint color, with black outlines around the mouth and eyes. It had resemble like an old ancient type of mask.

She my best friend Janet had recently told me of one tiime. This time she had been saved by the man they called Sting. As she took the short cut hone and went down this alley. She was then stopped by those two young guys and asked then what they wanted.

"All we want is just your money, and then we'll leave you alone." One said of them said as he quickly pulled out as pocket knife and held it out towards her.

""Please I don't want any trouble." Janet replied as she handed them her nurse, watched them as they went threw her belongings and took out her money, and handed her purse back. Janet was about to leave, but wasn't about to be let go so easily. The one quickly grabbedher and shoved her hard against the wall. Janet screamed, and then was silance by a slap across the face.

As that happen a dark figure appeared before them, he stood silently at them while pointing his bat.